7 Must Have Plants for Your Home & Why-Comfort Plants

One of the most important aspects of a home, is how it makes you feel when you walk in. Let's describe it in two ways, when you open your door and walk in do you say "ahh I'm Home" or do you say "Ugh I'm Home" two similar phrases that tell a story within themselves.

One of the quickest ways to turn your home into an "ahh I'm Home" is to surround yourself with living beings that share their energy; this is where plants come in.

  • Parlor Palm
    • Known for it's ease of care and tropical energy, the Parlor Palm is a must for every home. The lucious greens bring feelings of health and happiness.
    • Requiring little light and even less care, adding a Parlor Palm to your home could not be easier.



    • Snake Plant - Aka The Bedroom Plant
      • Better sleep is just a plant away. Snake plants purify the air... while you sleep. A unique trait held by Snake Plants is that they only open up their pores at night, this in turn allows you to get the freshest air possible, while you sleep.
      • Requiring very little light, even less water, and can thrive even if you forget they're there.
      • Adding a Snake plant to your bedroom is a perfect step to a healthier sleep.



    • Air Plants
      • Easy to Grow - Take Little Space - Grow For Years - Fun DYI Crafts
      • There are many breeds of Air plants and they all have their own benefits, but one of our favorite is how easy to style they are. Put them in sand, a glass jar, or even a hanging ornament, they will look magnificent in any way you showcase them.
      • They may be small, but the energy they add to a room is not the least bit small. They tie an entire room together if you give them the chance.


     Dracaena Janet Craig

    • Dracaena Janet Craig
      • Pure Green Elegance, the Dracaena Janet Craig has those deep green colors that will foster the feeling of being in nature. 
      • Humans have grown up living with nature for millenia, there is a reason when you walk into the woods or a greenhouse your body gets that feeling of home-ness even when you are nowhere near your bed. 
      • Fantastic air purifying capabilities and easy care, allows Janet to thrive in nearly every home.
    Peperomia Marble
    • Peperomia 'Marble' 
      • Belonging to the Pepper plant family, yes the plant we use to season almost all of our food! Peperomias make incredible house plants. Known as Kitchen Masters, they fit perfect on a kitchen counter or a window sill. 
      • Crisp Green leaves and dramatic color variations - Peperomias belong in your home.

    Arabica Coffee Plant

    • Arabica Coffee Plant
      • Did you know you can grow your favorite morning drink in your own home? Well, you can!
      • Arabica Coffee Plants are the most popular coffee plant grown around the world, 60% of all Coffee Beans consumed worldwide are Arabica Coffee beans.
      • Growing one in your home couldn't be easier, they love the sun and will absolutely thrive on your window sill. Enjoy your morning coffee while you sit next to the plant responsible for you cup of Joe.

    String of Bananas

    • String of Bananas
      • This must have Succulent produces some of the most beautiful hanging leaves in the plant world. 
      • Known for growing fast, and being quite easy to care for, the String of Bananas brings mother nature's energy straight into your living room.

    Looking for a different plant or want to learn about more plants that are perfect for your home, check out our Collections Page to find the perfect plant for you!


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