Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Safe for Cats & Dogs

Fiddle leaf figs are a plant that every plant lover out there would absolutely be delighted to have and this is of course if they do not have it already. There is no denying that this must-have plant is absolutely gorgeous as it is known to be one of the plants that are used for decoration as it is known to put an accent to a room where it is placed.


These plants are known to be quite expensive especially before but have become more available and which is a really great bargain, if you are looking for one, there are some fiddle leaf plants that are available here check them out now! Their very elegant appearance makes them quite the expense but their appearance alone makes up for it with its large green leaves and the feeling it gives when you see them in your home or office. 

If you are planning to get a fiddle leaf fig for your home, you should consider a lot of things before doing so and one of the most important facts you should remember is that they are quite toxic. Keeping them in a place where they can be ingested would really be harmful especially for those who have ingested them. 

Are fiddle leaf Figs safe for Cats and Dogs? 


To simply answer this question, No! These types of plants are not safe around your fur buddies especially since they have the tendency to play with them and munch on their large leaves.

In the event that your pets try to munch or have already munched on them, their munchers will show signs of irritation for fiddle leaf figs have sap that will make your pets feel uncomfortable. Another sign of ingestion they may show is excessive drooling and diarrhea. 

Being a plant lover that has naughty fur buddies is hard especially if you want to keep that plant in your home and at the same time worried that both your pet and plant will get hurt but most especially it will be a cause for concern when your dog or cat happens to accidentally bite at them. 



Luckily, there are a couple of things that you can do to keep both your pet and fiddle leaf fig plant at the same place without having to worry about one taking a bite of the other. 

  1. Place them where your pets are restricted, no matter how much you love your pets there are places in the house where you are sure that they will not lay their paws on. Let’s say that you have an office at your home where you do not want them hanging around, you can just simply place your fiddle leaf figs there or for example, you have an extra room wherein your pets are using as their own and you simply do not want them in your bedroom, you can simply place them in there. The room restriction for pets usually happens when one of the decision-makers of the house does not like pets just like for me and my husband, he loves dogs so much that he lets them sleep in his bed when we were still dating but when we got married, it is definitely not an option anymore so the room is now a restriction. 
  1. While your fiddle leaf figs are still small, you can place them in put them on your top shelf, a big hanging basket or you can even put a wall mounted shelf specifically made for you fiddle leaf figs. Doing this will keep your figs safe and out of reach by your munchy and playful pets. These plants are slow growers so it is good to do this at it can still buy you roughly 3 years to plan on how to keep them away from your pets. 
  1. Train them to not play with your plants! Before getting a fiddle leaf fig, try to get one of those plants that are non-toxic, hence pet friendly, and try to see if your pet will play with them, if not then that is good but if they do, you have to train them to not do it. I have been living with a dog for 3 years and he is surrounded by different types of poisonous plants  and even plant that bears vegetables but he does not play with them or try to eat them at all, we have zero problem with him being around these plants. He was simply told and trained from the start to not touch the plant and years later, he has the seed planted on his mind. 
  1. If none of the mentioned options worked for you, what you can do is simply get a fiddle leaf fig that is already mature enough so that your pets wont be able to reach them. Of course, buying a large plant can be an expense as oppose to growing them, but with a large fiddle leaf plant, you wont have any problem with trying to get them to mature and their appearance is just lovely which can be really rewarding and get you your money’s worth. 


With these options, you can choose any of them so that you can have your plants and pet living on the same roof at the same time so it is not completely impossible to own a fiddle leaf plant when you own a pet, it is a matter of expanding your options and planning ahead. With this being said it is safe to say that you wont have to worry about getting a fiddle leaf fig, and there is no holding back anymore, get one for your home now

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