Arrowhead Plant Care and Why You Should Own One

The Arrowhead plant, also known as Syngonium, is one of the typical houseplants that you should get for your home for a couple of reasons. They are relatively easy to care for plants that have air-purifying abilities as well. 

The Syngonium podophyllum is a plant that belongs to the Aroid species. It is native to the regions of Latin America, specifically from Mexico to Bolivia. The plant’s name is derived from its characteristic of having Arrow-head shape like leaves. As they grow, the Arrowhead plant may change its color and grow larger leaves. They are considered fast growers and are also known as climbing and trailing vines. As they mature, you may want to get them a hanging pot or place them on the top of your shelf so they can let their leaves trail down to the ground. If you want to keep them within your reach or just sit on the floor, you can also place a piece of wood in the pot so that they have something to climb onto.

The Syngonium plant has different beautiful varieties, each of them beautiful in their own way. Here are examples of some of them 

 White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant

The White butterfly Arrowhead plant has green and white variegation that resembles a butterfly’s wings hence, the name white butterfly arrowhead plant. Although you may not yet see it in young plants, as they get older, the leaves slowly change their color until white is present mainly. They can also grow up to 18" to 24” in height and width which will surely fit your coffee table.


Alocasia Amazonica Bambino

 This next type is one of the plants that really catches my eye when visiting plant shops. This plant is characterized by having narrow leaves that have bright veins. It is truly elegant looking.  The Alocasia Amazonica Bambino is a small plant with leaves that can grow from 5" to 7” wide and a height of about 15”, making it the perfect houseplant that accents your home.  


Pink Arrowhead Plant

The Pink Arrowhead plant is a beautiful pink variety that belongs to this plant family. They have this stunning color that will surely make you want to keep one for yourself. As a young plant, they tend to be more crumpled, but once it has fully grown to its capacity, you can see that the leaves will have then spread out completely, letting you take an entire look at each of its leaves. 


Arrowhead Plant Care

As I mentioned before, arrowhead plants are easily grown when they are in the right environment. They prefer temperatures that are just right. Keep this in mind that as long as you yourself feel comfortable in your home, your plants should be too. 

They also like bright indirect light. Avoid placing them under direct sunlight for their leaves can get burnt , so best to put them inside your home, close to a window but not next to it. They also tolerate low light, so you can also place them in areas of the house with low light conditions. 

When watering them, make sure you allow their soil to dry between waterings. The last thing you want to do is over water this plant for this may cause root rot, leading to its demise. Ensure that you always place them in a pot with drainage holes to release excess water. 

These plants love places with high humidity so, you must keep them moist by misting them frequently, primarily when you are located in an area where you have long winter months.

To promote healthier growth, you have the option to give them fertilizer at least once a month. It is recommended that they get their fertilizer mostly during summertime but make sure to stop in winter.  

Another best practice is to clean the leaves of each plant to free them from dust particles to avoid dust accumulation. In addition, if you are not happy with its growth and wish to prune them, it’s best to do it during summer where they can get all the sunlight they need after you take some parts away from them. 

These plants are considered poisonous, so best to keep them out of reach to children and your furry friends. Since they are trailing vines, you can hang them, which is one way to keep both your pets and your plants safe.

Arrowhead plant benefits

Syngonium plants are not only considered as living accessories in our house. They also have other uses  benefits that just make you want to buy them more!

The arrowhead plants are considered great air purifiers that remove toxins, indoor air pollution, and other organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. They can also remove airborne microbes and can increase the humidity in your home.  These plants absorb the toxins from their leaves which then travel to the roots, transforming them into plant food. 

Another benefit of the plant is that they are also known as a Feng Shui plant. As these plants mature, their leaves change—they for from having arrow-shaped heads to having five loped-shaped leaves. The five lobes represent the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. With that being said, this plant perfectly balances the yin yang energy that attracts positive energy. So if you find yourself having a lot of negative vibes in your home, get yourself an Arrowhead plant to remove them.


All Arrowhead plants are beautiful in their own way! If you do not own one yet, shop here  at Comfort Plants for all your arrowhead plant cravings!



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