The Easiest Asian House Plants for your Home

In most Asian countries, it is never a bad idea to keep a houseplant inside your home. It is really easy to keep your plants happy and comfortable. Especially those countries that are close to the meridian and do not have winter months. The weather and temperature in these places are just right. You will know whether your plants are uncomfortable when you are not feeling good, odds are your plants aren't too so the best thing for you to do is adjust the temperature in your room or the room where your plants are to make them happy again. 

Not all plants are easy to take care of. Some plants will be picky when it comes to their needs but luckily, there are also the most forgiving plants that are just great to take care of for they will take the hassle out of your busy schedule but can still so easily reward you with wonderful growth and foliage. 

Here are just some of the few examples of plants that are very easy to care for and you won’t need to worry about because you can just watch them grow. 

Chinese money plant

This plant is one of the top plants that are easy to take care of in Asian households. Aside from that, this plant is also known to bring good luck to the homes of its owners. Its round-shaped leaves, which is similar to the shape of a coin, is the one that is believed to bring good luck and keep the money coming in and never stop. 

Jade plant

The jade plant, a plant considered as a succulent, is another plant that is known to bring wealth to its owners as the leaves of this plant also resemble the shape of a coin which is known to bring good luck and welcome wealth and prosperity to the homes of their owners. The jade plant is a small plant characterized by tiny green and thick leaves that can store their water. This makes them easy to take care of for they can use the excess water that they store in their leaves when they need it.

ZZ plant

This plant is one of the most popular plants that can be seen in most homes. They are great to keep around for they are really easy to take care of and not only that they are also very forgiving and can survive under the care of neglectful plant parents. This plant that is characterized by having green-colored leaves and stem that thickens at the bottom can also be seen in offices and around malls as plant decors, most people will mistake them as fake plants for they always appear healthy even if they have dried up soil. 

Boston Fern 

The Boston fern is another plant that is commonly grown as a household plant for its beautifying capability. Its natural light green leaves will surely be able to catch your visitors’ attention. Not only that this plant is also known to be helpful to those who find their skin really dry and especially those who are always in cold temperatures. This plant can be quite easy to take care of, all you need to do is make sure that they are getting enough water and that they are always hydrated, but this is not to the point that you overwater them, just enough to keep the soil moist is fine. When it comes to lighting conditions, these plants are fine with having low to bright indirect sunlight. 


Pothos which is also referred to as a money plant by most Asian countries is another abundant plant in most households. This is probably because they are called Money plants. This plant is known to bring good luck and happiness to its owner’s home hence, the name. Another name for this plant is the Devil’s ivy for they are one of the hard to kill plants and can pretty much live on their own. Having these plants in your home is just wonderful because aside from the luck it gives and its easiness to care for, these plants are nice to look at especially when their stem attached itself to the trunk of a tree and climbs it, you can see them growing large leaves which I think is just amazing and very beautiful to look at. 

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