Best 10 Houseplants For Summer

Some people may really not like summer that much. Its extremely hot and humid and the heat is just uncomfortable. But if you think about it, summer is actually a great time. And why is that? This is the perfect time of the year to go out and have some fun at the beach or pool.

But if you are the type of person who doesn’t really like to go outside much and would rather stay inside the house during summer, this is the perfect time for you to engage with your plant friends.  

Just like people, not all plants are fond of summer. Some of them dont really like too much sunlight and warmth but for some are just dying to experience it because for them, this is the perfect time of the year to grow and have healthier foliage.These type plants love sunlight so much that they do not mind staying around with it for a couple of hours. These are also the types of plant that you do not need to worry about putting close to the window during summer time and they are the best houseplants for summer


Snake Plant

The snake plant is known for having sword-like shaped leaves and green colors similar to the skin of a snake. You can say that snake plants are very versatile. You want to know why? Because they like all types of light. You can keep it inside your house where it gets medium to no light,,, or you can place it outside where it gets direct sunlight. 

Aloe vera

The aloe vera is one of the best plants that can be used for several things Click here to check out the benefits of Aloe Vera . This type of plant enjoys staying out in the sun all day and likes it dry as well. It has green triangular-shaped leaves and has gel-like substance inside. Since it has many uses,, it is best to place it in an accessible area just in case you need to use it.   

Palm Ponytail

This ponytail palm Is a succulent with leaves popping up from the thic main stem depicting the look of a hair tied in a high ponytail. This plant when placed outdoors can reach up to 10ft and if kept inside will not grow to that point but rather grow up to 3ft only. This plant is fine with bright indirect light but prefers direct sunlight. They like it dry and its thick branch is known for holding water because it originates from the dry region of Mexico.


This is one of the plants that love warm weather and bright indirect light. When placed outside it will surely see the abundancy of its other colors but also make sure that it gets enough water so that it does not dry out. 

Jade Plant

Some call this as Crassula ovata and some may even call it money plant. This plant is one of the hard to kill plants that is perfect for new plant moms! This is a succulent plant bearing white or pink flowers. They really love sunlight and warmth. They can also do fine with bright indirect light. 

String Of Pearls

A Magnificent hanging plant that trails its pearl like leaves all the way down. This is another plant that likes it dry so you wont have a problem with this plant during summer. They love sunlight and would really have great foliage when placed near a windowsill to get bright indirect light. 

Coffee Plant

This plant is one of the best plants to keep inside your house. The appearance of this plant having glossy green leaves and compact growth make them good indoor plants. Not only that, this plant is a flowering plant that bears berries which eventually turns into actual coffee beans. They like bright indirect like. In countries with low humidity, you an definitely place them outside for some suntime.


Dragon Tree

Another trigularly shaped plant that is bright and will definitely lighten up when placed in your home. This is considered best plant for summer as it will definitely give your house the tropical vibe during summertime. Also considered drought tolerant so they are fine with being dry for a couple of days. 


The bromeliad is a plant that has bright colored flower that gives tropical vibes. The plant may remind you of the head of the pineapple making it perfect plant for summer. It loves direct sunlight but can dwell inbright indirect as well. 

White Bird Of Paradise

This plant similar to banana leaves  and are always mistaken for it but they are just as beautiful. This tropical plant loves sunlight, if you have one of these on your home, it is best placed near a window where it can get a lot of suntime. They can also survive in medium light only but not really well.

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