Best Low Maintenance Plants

Back in High School when my mom would leave the country for a couple of months, she would ask me to water all her plants for her while she’s gone and I would only water them once or twice. That’s bad, I know! I would only remember it when she’s about to come home. But the good news is they all survived my negligence while she was away and my mom would always say that I did a good job taking care of them even though I didn’t really do anything but to water them once.

These plants can definitely survive even if you don't look after them and water everyday. She had all of these plants in our garden and were resilient to my carelessness. They are tough and rough and well... low maintenance!

So, if you want to have plants in your home but you’re too afraid that you would not give them enough care because of your busy schedule? These are the types of plants that are just right for you.


This is the so-called devil's ivy, why is that? Simply because it’s impossible to kill even when you keep it in an area where it reaches nearly zero sunlight. This can withstand overwatering and underwatering as well. Perfect for beginner plant parents for its amazing survivability.

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Rubber Plant 

This plant with its rubberized look is perfect for indoors that receives a small amount of sunlight. You may also put it outdoors as this can also tolerate direct sunlight. This plant only needs watering when the soil has dried out. So low maintenance you can think of it as a fake plant that just needs watering once a week. 

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Aloe vera 

Some say that too much of everything is as bad as too little, I agree but that is not the case for our Aloe Vera here, these plants can survive with just a little attention, you do not need to water this everyday 

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Snake plant 

These are plants that can go on even if you forget to water them for a month since they are not so dependent on water. They are tough to kill and if you take a look at them, their physical appearance says a lot about this trait, stiff with a spikey and sharp end. 

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Spider Plant

From the name itself, aside from the fact that its leaves look similar to a spider's legs, you can never go wrong with this since it's very easy to grow. It just needs a place where it has contact with low, moderate or even indirect sunlight and also it just needs enough water to keep the soil moist, can be forgiving if you overwater it but still needs watering every week. 

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