7 Best Masculine Plants for a Bachelor Pad

It is not all women only who love plants, I know several men who loves plants just as much as women do, my Father loves plants and is always helping my mom when they are gardening. Another man that I know who does well with plants is my husband. He is very persevering when it comes to planting, and if he does not have an idea on how to grow a specific plant that he wants, he will research them and he will learn how until he can successfully grow his own plant. 

Saying this I can say that men are also capable of taking care of plants and doing so does not make them any less of a man. Especially with the pandemic, more and more people have been more interested in plants, women and yes also men, from young teens to older adults. Plants are not that handful and which makes them a perfect companion for everyone, even BACHELORS!

As mentioned earlier, plants are not that hard to take care of, this is of course not referring to all plants, there are only some plants that are fit for people who are always busy and not always around the house, more specifically bachelors. Here are just some examples of Masculine plants for every bachelor in their home.

Snake plant

The snake plant is one of the top masculine plants especially because its characteristics of having sharp-pointed leaves and very stiff and sturdy leaves make them very masculine as well. In addition to that, these plants are very easy to take care of and which makes them a great plant for those who have a busy schedule and are always on the go. The snake plant is also a forgiving plant for it can survive with very little watering and is fine with any type of sunlight it gets. They are slow growers which means that they would not be needing to change pots frequently. Its green leaves and sword-like shape will definitely pop up with the colors of a bachelor pad. 



Cactus are very pointy and sometimes you can even get hurt whenever they are not handled properly. This makes them one of the top plants for a bachelor’s pad because men can work with anything, even the dangerous ones or the ones that can get you hurt. I know for a fact that I am scared to take care of a cactus especially the sharp and pointy ones because of my fear of being pricked but men won’t usually be scared of those things. Plus, we all know that cacti are one of the easiest to take care of because of their capability to store water inside them which means that they will rarely need watering. All they need is sunshine and they will do just fine. 

ZZ plant

This plant is another plant that is considered a very forgiving plant that can live with neglectful people. These plants are usually found in homes or in offices, one might even mistake them for being an artificial plant as their leaves appear to be really glossy and don’t grow fast. They can just display their leaves and not wilt. One of the benefits that this plant gives to its plant parents is that they always look new and alive. This makes them a great plant for your bachelor pad for they do great at most wall background colors, and they will surely pop and bring the area to life. 

Spider plant

Spider plants are great plants that can be placed anywhere. They can be placed in pots on the floor, they can be placed in a hanging pot, or even put on a wall. These plants will surely make a bachelor pad come to life. Just like the snake plant, the spider plant also has pointed or triangular-shaped leaves. The only difference is that the leaves of a spider plant are thinner and they are slightly bent, although some of them may be quite sturdy and stiff, they will still have the tendency to bend a little. Another great thing about the spider plant is that they are not high maintenance, they can usually live with any type of sunlight condition that they will get. 


Aloe vera

The Aloe vera plant is characterized by having green and triangular-shaped leaves with tiny spikes on the sides of the leaves. Unlike most plants, the aloe vera is one of the most helpful and useful plants that you can place in a bachelor’s pad. It can be used for your health personal care such as your skin and hair. This can be even added to your food or drink as doing it can give you several health benefits. There may be an exception of course to these health benefits as this may not be taken by pregnant women or those who have problems with their digestive system. Even if you do not wish to use aloe vera, this plant alone is great to keep because aside from the fact that they make a great indoor plant for a bachelor pad, they are also very easy to take care of and are low maintenance all the more to keep them in your apartment or home.

Rubber tree plant

The rubber plant is a plant that is should definitely not be left out as one of the masculine plants that is fit for a bachelor pad. Its characteristic of having large and very dark-shaped leaves makes them even more masculine and can also truly bring a room to life. These plants are also quite easy to take care of all you just need to give them is the proper amount of sunlight and water just enough not to overwater them. 


Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig is one of the most wanted plants in every home. It is characterized by having big and green-colored leaves that just simply makes them one of the best plants to keep in your home as a decoration even for a man’s bachelor pad. 

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