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Coffee plants are one of the great plants you would want to keep in your house. This green and waxy foliage make them a perfect fit for your home. It is the perfect plant for plant lovers and coffee lovers as well. 

In the tropics, the coffee plant can grow about 10 meters tall. This can be different when you choose to grow them indoors because, in the tropics, the growth of most plants can get big and out of hand however if they are grown indoors, these plants can be pruned to the size of your liking. As long as they are maintained, you won’t have any problem with them growing uncontrollably. 

If you are wondering, once the plant has reached its maturity the average amount of coffee beans that these plants bear within a year is around two thousand coffee cherries, which means you can get four thousand coffee beans from a single plant. Aside from that they also produce flowers that do not smell coffee but the smell is a little close to the scent of Jasmin.


These amazing plants work great as both houseplant and coffee-producing plants. They are also one of the most common household plants that are usually placed in the bedroom, living room, and also kitchen table or counter, and the reason is mainly that makes these areas look more alive and vibrant. Aside from the beauty that this plant usually gives, they are really easy to grow and maintain. 

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Just so you know, just because this plant is quite easy to take care of doesn’t mean that it will only require a little bit of your attention, they will still need some love and care that you, as their plant owner should give. 

The Coffee Flower

The coffee plant bears little white flowers. These flowers look similar to Jasmin which makes the plant a great addition to any space in your home or office. When the coffee flower plants bear flowers, it starts by bearing little green buds that soon begin to blossom little white flowers that stay in bloom for only a day or two, and afterward, they will wilt this will signal that it is finished with its pollinating period and when the flowers fall off the plant, it leaves behind a small green carpel that will soon turn into a cherry and that’s where we will get two pieces of coffee beans. 

How To Grow Coffee At Home

If you are a frequent coffee drinker, you might be interested in what I would have to tell you, from what I have mentioned earlier, you can get around four thousand coffee beans from only one plant, but if you are planning to grow your coffee beans to sustain your daily dose of coffee needs, you will be needing to grow more than that if you would want to grow your coffee for the rest of your life.

Aside from that, there are also things that you should consider and take note of if you want to grow your coffee at home first is the soil, the soil of your coffee plant must always be moist! Also, ensure that the soil has a good drainage system, even though they want their soil to be kept moist, they would not like it when they are left sitting in water for too long. Another important note is that you should keep in mind is that even if your soil has a good drainage system, it would not work if there would be no pathway for the water to exit to. A pot with holes is a must so that the plant can release all of the excess water. 

The perfect light condition for the coffee plant would be bright indirect light. They won’t normally thrive well in very low light conditions and would not when they are under the direct sun as this could cause great harm to the plant. 

These plants enjoy frequent watering but the best way to do this is not by overwatering them, They like it moist but they also do not want to be water bound. If you are unsure and you want to know if the plant needs water you can always do the easiest method which is by checking the soil, if you stick your finger in the soil up to at least two inches from the top and you feel that it is dry, that’s when you know that it needs to be watered.


The ideal temperature for the coffee plant ranges between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures of this plant can make it grow faster but if you are growing beans, it is not recommended to place them in a too high temperature for it can cause their beans to burn. These plants are known to grow in a tropical climate therefore will have burnt leaves if they are placed in high humidity so it’s better to keep a mist on hand for your coffee plant. 

The coffee plant will be needing some fertilizer once a week or twice or three times a month, especially during the spring and summertime. Doing this will help your plant grow more healthy, stronger, and bigger in fact when these plants are at their happiest, they can grow up to six feet in height. You can always prune the plant up to your liking but the best time to prune your plant is during early spring. 

Overall these plants are great to keep around the house whether you want to keep them as a houseplant alone or you want to grow your own coffee. You also have the option to grow a single plant or plant as many as you would like for they can be easily propagated as well. All the more reason for you to keep them in your home. 




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