The Best 5 Houseplants for Small Spaces

Plants are considered perfect living accessories. No matter where you place them, it surely can brighten up any area. Whether it’s in your home or your office, it is always nice to touch it up with a healthy plant. 

Now you might think, of course, people with large houses can afford to give their spaces for a couple of plants like fiddle leaf fig or a large palm plant, but those with small apartments that don’t have an office but a desk they’re better off without it and let them save the space for something more valuable. That is correct, but not all great plants take up have the size of a human. You don’t need to get a large plant to bring any space to life. We have several plants that will do just right even if they don’t take too much space.

1. Red Prayer Plant

The Red Prayer plant with the scientific name Maranta leuconeura is considered a genuinely majestic plant because its leaves close up, resembling the praying hands of a person. This plant is characterized by oval-shaped leaves having three different colors. The plant’s foliage has red veins that take after the herringbone pattern, so this plant is called the Herringbone plant. They make an excellent houseplant for tiny homes because, aside from they can easily brighten up any place that you put them in, you do not have to worry about it taking too much space and growing humungous. The maximum growth of this plant is about 2’ and is also one of the slow-growing plants. The Red Prayer is not that easy to take care of and may require a few minutes of your time since it takes quite a lot to retain its beauty.  

They do not like being placed under direct sunlight. Best not to put them close to a window. The Red prayer plant is susceptible to drought, so keep an eye on them and not let them dry out. These plants like it moist and do not want to sit on water for too long.  


2. Chinese Money plant 

The Chinese Money Plant is another small plant that is an excellent houseplant for container homes. Sometimes called Pilea Peperomioides, this plant’s origin is from China and was known to be brought by a Swedish Missionary to Europe, also giving it the name, Chinese Missionary Plant. 

The plant is distinguished by having green round shaped leaves. They can up to a maximum of 12 inches tall therefore considered a small plant but with its uniquely shaped leaves this plant will most definitely be great added houseplant to your small space. 

Aside from that, these plants are also easy to care for. They like bright indirect light, placing them under direct light will cause the leaves to burn. They prefer their soil to dry out between waterings. 

3. Air Plants

May also be called as TillandsiaWhat is more perfect than having a plant that wont be taking your ground space, The Tillandasia also known as air plant are  definitely one of the best houseplants for small apartment because they can easily be hung and look great just hanging in the air. Tillandsia are plants from the Bromeliaceae family. They are known to grows on trees as an epiphyte, with long, narrow leaves that absorb water and nutrients from the atmosphere. So its safe to say that these plants do not need soil to grow, they take their nutrients from the air but still need other factors of course such as water, sunlight and fertilizers. There are various types of air plants and they all have different needs depending on the plant. Whats important to know is that they are very susceptible to root rot so best practice is to gently shake the excess water from the base of the plants to dry them out. 

4. Spider Plant 

The spider plant with the scientific name Chlorophytum comosum  is one of the small plants that is very easy to grow and sprouts in wide range of conditions. They are called spider plant because they quickly grow spider babies that looks similar to spiders. These plants can be grown in three different ways and does not take up too much of space. They can be placed in a wall or hang from the ceiling or just sit plainly in a pot but in each of these ways, they are guaranteed to grow beautiful. Plus they make great houseplant for tiny homes!

The spider plant are without a doubt very easy to care for and is a perfect plant for beginner plant parents. As long as they are getting bright indirect light and they are not getting watered or left to sit in water for a long time, they are guaranteed to live and flourish for a very long time.

5. Moon Cactus

Known as Gymnocalycium mihanovichii and is one of the great houseplants fro container home. They are undoubtedly small and can just simply sit on your desk  with your small pot just like a pencil holder. They are one of the varied mutants that does not have the capability to produce chlorophyll. Since this is a cactus they love the warmth and prefers having bright indirect to direct light. 

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