The Do's and Don'ts for Buying Plants Online-Comfort Plants
Online plant sales increased by 1,247% since the start of quarantine, and it is not slowing down. This is mostly due to people wanting to stay home, as well as the new increase in home improvement.
In this article we want to inform you on what to look for and what to look out for when buying plants online.
  1. DO Read the Reviews - It is always important to read reviews when shopping online, but more importantly when you are shopping for plants. Reading the reviews from other customers will let you know what to expect from the seller. 
  2. DO Look for Plant Guarantee - Many online plant stores now offer some sort of money back guarantee, if the plant arrives damaged or dies soon after receving it. Some stores to not offer this, so make sure to check you are covered. 
  3. DON'T Buy From Amazon - This is a controversial statement, but buying from Amazon increases your chances of receiving a plant with issue, as sellers are often very large and not as careful with their plants. 
  4. DO Support Small Busineses - Look to buy from a small business. Many of the big online plant sellers are trying to keep small plant shops from gaining popularity.
  5. DON'T Be Afraid to Contact Seller - All plant shops are in the busines because they LOVE plants. If you have a question about a certain plant, ASK IT! Mainy shops have people avalable for live chat or will respond to any emails the same day.
  6. DO Share with Friends- Share your love for plants with your friends and family. Many small businesses rely on word of mouth to stay profitable.
We reccomend buying from to know you are getting the best online plant shopping experience.


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