What House Plants to Buy 2021-Comfort Plants
With New Years around the corner it means it is time to start looking for upgrades to add to your home. The good news is we know the one thing to add to your home to upgrade not only the look, but the quality of air in your home. That's right I am talking about adding some house plants to help recover this stressful year.


This list of house plants consists of plants that will upgrade your home as soon as they come through the door. 

Monstera for sale  

Philodendron Monstera Split Leaf

The Philodendron Monstera Split Leaf is a timeless addition to any home It's beautiful leaves and long stems allow this plant to take up just the perfect amount of space. They are easy to care for, and really reward their growers by growing fast when they are happy. Check out the Monstera Care Guide Here .

Snake Plant for Sale

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is another ageless houseplant everyone should have in their home. It's elegant long stalks are sure to bring that much needed green into your home. They are especially known for thei air purifing qualities. They are also a super easy plant to care for, needing little light and only needing to be watered once ever few weeks. check out the Snake Plant Care Guide Here.

Ficus Rubber Tree for sale online

Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree'

The Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree' is my personal favorite. The Beautiful Leaves leaves add personality to the rooms they are in. The ability they have to grasp one's attention is rarely matched. We love having them in our greenhouse. They are also an easy to care for plant that will help you with the monday blues this year. Check out the Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree' Care Guide here.

Maranta Prayer plant for sale

Maranta Prayer Plant 'Red'

The Maranta Prayer Plant is the new girl on the block. She has been around for some time now, but is just now getting the love she deserves. We love Marantas for their bright colored leaves and their love of moving their bodies! Their leaves curl up at night making them a fun plant to have with kids in the house. They are not hard to care for and just a fun plant overall! Checkout the Maranta Prayer Plant Care Guide Here

Anthurium house plant for sale online

Anthurium Flamingo Flower 'Red'

The Anthurium 'Flamingo Flower' Is the plant with the colors you need! Coming in a range of colors Red, White, Purple, and Orange Anthuriums Make amazing house plants. They can bloom for months at a time and are super easy to care for. We love them because they provide that splash of color many homes need. We highly reccomend you add an Anthurium to your home this year. Checkout out the Anthurium Flamingo Flower Care Guide Here.

If your are looking for more Plants to add to your home this year we got you covered, check out our Best Sellers and you will be sure to find your next house plant. 


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