How to Care for Arabica Coffee Plants-Comfort Plants

"Arabica Coffee Plants are awesome" -Every Plant parent that owns one. We love having them around. They will even create the small coffee beans when they are happy too.

Lighting: Coffee Plants are happiest when they get birght indrect light for a consistant period daily. We keep ours by the kitchen near a window. They will not do very well in very low light conditions as well as direct light conditions can harm them.

Water: We wait until the top 2" of soil is dry before rewatering our coffee plants. They do not like being over watered. So make sur eyou have a nice  pot with good drianage to help prevent root rot. They can not go a long time without water though. Make sure not to let the soil completely dry or you may not be able to bring them back.

Temperature: Coffee plants enjoy temps between 60-75F. We have found that temps below 60F can cause harm to our plants. They also do not like very hot environments and will show signs of harm if exposed for very long.

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