How to Care for Alocasia Plants

Alocasia Polly are sometimes known as elephant ears or the African Mask plants. They are known for their out of this world look! They will surely grab the attention of everyone that lays eyes on them. But beware they are on the harder side to care for.

  • Lighting: Simple, they need birght indrect light year round. They do not like low light or direct light. 
  • Water: To keep Alocasia Plants happy and healthy we water them once their soil is dry 2" down. They are known for healthy issues when over watered, so it is better to water less frequently. Like all houseplants, in the cold months they require less light than in the summer months. 
  • Temperature: Alocasias are happiest in temps between 60-80F. They will slow their growth and may die if they are exposed to temps below 60F.

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