How to Care for Aloe Vera Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Aloe vera is one of the most important houseplants that you should definitely keep in your home. Despite the fact that it can bring any place in your home to life, it also has many uses, and to top that, they also work as great air purifiers, all the more to get one for your home now. 

Aloe vera is characterized by having green triangular-shaped leaves that have some spikes on their sides. This plant can grow up to 1 to 2 feet tall and its leaves can grow up to 8 to 10 inches in length. It normally takes about 3 to 4 years for the aloe vera plant to reach its maximum size but it will still depend on if all their needs are met then they can grow up to the sizes mentioned above. 

The aloe vera plant originated in the Arabian peninsula where it has extremely hot and dry conditions. Its name was derived from the Arabic word “Alloeh” which means “shining bitter substance and Vera” which means true, therefore its name is actually A true shining bitter substance. 

Aloe vera plants are very useful for us and if you may not have noticed, there are some skincare and hair care products that use aloe vera, there are even drinks where they use aloe vera this only proves how important aloe vera is in our lives and if you keep buying them, they can sometimes get really expensive so what you can do about it is to plant your own aloe vera so whenever you need them you can just easily cut off some of their leaves which you do not need to worry about for they can just simply grow again. 

If that does not still convince you in getting yourself an aloe vera plant, you should know that they are really to take care of and is one of the forgiving plants that still thrive even if  sometimes they are neglected or they are not taken care of. To prove how easy they are and to give you some tips as well here is our care guide for aloe vera plants. 

1. For Sunlight

Aloe Vera plants are great because all they really need is light. They can grow indoors or out as long as they are getting good light. We recommend putting them by a windowsill that gets consistent light. They will reward you with big long juicy stems. 

2. Water

the most important thing is to not overwater them. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Once you learn how long this takes in your home environment you can create a schedule for them. They will most likely need to be watered more in the summer months.

3. Temperature

Aloe Vera plants can grow in temps from 35-100F. The ideal would be in the 60F-80F but they will not die as long as it is under 100F and not freezing below 32F. 

4. Soil

Aloe Vera plants do not like to be wet. It is important to use soil that drains well and fast. Also, it is important to use a pot with drainage holes in it. If you do not have a pot with drainage holes we recommend adding a couple of inches of rocks at the bottom to let the water go to the bottom and not be keeping the soil moist. 

5. Fertilizer

The best fertilizer for aloe vera plants is liquid fertilizers that are made specifically for succulents. It is not recommended that you use granular fertilizer for it can burn the roots of your aloe vera plant when used. The best time to give these plants some fertilizers is during the spring. Aloe vera’s are not heavy feeders and can actually live off of not getting fertilizer but giving them so will give a healthier growth.

6. Propagating

Aloe vera plants can be propagated using their leaves but the best practice for a successful propagation is by using offsets or pups from the main plant.


7. Repotting

If you are unsure of when you need to repot your aloe vera plant, look for signs of droopiness, and if you can see that they are surrounded by smaller pups that is the best time to repot your plant. 


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