How to Care for Bromeliad Plants-Comfort Plants

Bromeliads are relatives to the Pineapple. They are relatives of the Pineapple. They can be grown outdoors also if your climate never goes below freezing. They are an easy to care for houseplant everyone should have.

Follow this simple Bromeliad Care Guide and turn your thumb green!

Light: Bromeliads enjoy bright indirect light. They enjoy some direct light, but they can not withstand direct light for long periods of time or if the direct light is very strong. We put ours in bright indrect light and they have been thriving!

Watering: Bromeliads have a cup at the center of their leaf base. They want water in that cup as much as possible. Look to keep their cup at least half full all the time. Check it often and flush the water out and replace it once every other month. It is best to use rain water or distilled water on your Bromeliads. If you do not have either, just fill a cup with tap water and wait 24 hours and then pour it on the Bromeliad. This will make the water more suitable for them.

Temperature: Bromeliads can grow in narly all climates except freezing. Keep them somehwere that gets temps between 40-90F. Easy enough right! They enjoy humid areas, so if you have a dry air home it is best to mist them often. 

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