How to Care for Cactus-Comfort Plants

Cactus are great plants to have in your home. They are one of the famous houseplants for being very easy to take care of. They do not need frequent watering and just simply need the sun to get which they can easily get when placed outside. 

The Cactus plant is a member of the Cactaceae family of the Plantae kingdom. They vary in many shapes and sizes. Some can grow as high as 60 feet while some grow as little as less than an inch. It will take a very long time for them to reach that height. It is believed that it can take up to 10 years for them to reach 1 inch in height.

Cacti are native to the Americas, they can be called Cacti or cactuses when they are more than one. Its name is derived through Latin in the Ancient greek word kaktos which means spiny plant. Some may say that cactus plants are bad luck because of their characteristic of being prickly and sharp. 

There are actually nearly 2,000 species of the cactus plant, and they want the same thing which is the sun. They will also need regular watering but all in all they are very easy to take care of. Which makes them one of the best plants to keep in your home. 

1. For Sunlight

Cactus plants are great because all they really need is light. They can grow indoors or out as long as they are getting good light. We recommend putting them by a windowsill that gets consistent light. They will reward you with big long juicy stems. 

2. Watering 

The most important thing is to not over water them. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Once you learn how long this take in your home environment you can create a schedule for them. They will most likely need to be watered more in the summer months.

3. Temperature

Cactus plants can grow in temps from 35-100F. The ideal would be in the 60-80's F but they will not die as long as it is under 100F and not freezing below 32F. 

4. Soil 

Cactus plants do not like to be wet. It is important to use soil that drains well and fast. Also it is important to use a pot with drainage holes in it. If you do not have a pot with drainage holes we recommend adding a couple inches of rocks at the bottom to let water go to the bottom and not keep the soil moist. 

5. Fertilizer

Cacti are plants that are not considered heavy feeders and are only light feeders. They do not need a lot of fertilizer. There is no specific fertilizer that they need. Any diluted all purpose fertilizer you give them, they will be happy about it. Giving them a strong fertilizer might lead to problems.

6. Propagating 

The best way to propagate cactuses is through stem cuttings. You simply take a stem cutting from your existing cactus plant then allow it to dry to avoid then planted in soil to allow roots to develop. Since propagation can be done in water, this is also possible for this type of plant but it is not necessary for they grow so well in soil only. 

7. Repotting

Just like all the other plants, they should be repotted once you see the roots growing out in the drawing holes. They are shallow rooted therefore would not be needing large  or deep pots. 


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