How to Care for Cordyline Plants-Comfort Plants

Cordyline Plants have spear like leaves with a leathery feel. They come in colors ranging from green, yellow, white, purple, and red. 

Don't be afraid to add these plants to your home, follow this simple care guide for Cordyline Plants and turn that thumb green!

Lighting: Cordyline Plants love bright indirect light. We have found that the green leaved Cordyline Plants enjoy direct light while the colored variations enjoy bright indrect light the best. Put them in a place they have consistant light year round.

Water: We water our Cordyline Plants often in the summer. Keeping the soil moist as much as we can. In the wainter we still water often, but less than the summer. Once the top soil looks dry, give them a lil drink!

Temperature: Cordyline Plants thrive in temperatures above 65 F. They love humid environments and enjoy it much warmer than 65F if possible. Keep them away from drafts as well if possible. If temps get below 65 F they will show signs of harm quickly. 

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