How to Care for Ficus Elastica Plants-Comfort Plants

One of our Favorite Plants here at Comfort Plants is the Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree'. It's beautiful large leaves and ease of care make it a plant parents dream plant.

Worried about keeping your Rubber Tree happy? Don't be. Follow This simple Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree' care guide and watch those thumbs turn green.

  • Light: The Rubber Tree should place by a window that gets significant light year round. The Rubber Tree enjoys being getting strong indirect light often. Don't forget to rotate your plant to ensure equal growth on all sides. 
  • Water: In the summer it is best to water the Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree' once a week. We reccomend using room temperature water for this. Water generously until it starts coming through the bottom of the pot. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. The Ficus Elastica 'Rubber Tree' will let you know if he is unhappy with the amount of watering he is receiving by dropping leaves. play around with adding and reducing the amount of water you give him.

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