How to Care for Ficus 'Fiddle Leaf Fig'-Comfort Plants

Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig can be a handful, buuut sometimes it can be easy too! The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a drama queen to, but a gorgeous one and worth every second of care!

Light: The Fiddle Leaf Fig is not a plant that does well in low light. It needs storng indirect light every day, as well as some direct light as well. If you do not have direct light, make sur eyou indirect light source is strong and consistant to keep your plant happy. It is also important you rotate your plant every month to ensure even growth. The Fiddle Leaf Fig grows towards the sun, so if you want an even plant you need to treat it like so.

Watering: In general we water our Fiddle Leaf Figs once a week. The soil should be dry two inches down. The easiest way to test this is with your finger. Or grab yourself a Moisture Meter and never second guess your watering skills again! 

Temperature: Fiddle Leaf figs like consistancy. They like to be kept at a steady 60-75 degrees year round. They also like to misted as regularly as possible If you want to be a pro, we reccomend getting a hhumidifier for them. They are from the rainforest, so they like it wet.

Cleaning: The Fiddle Leaf Fig's gorgous giant leaves need to be wiped of dust weekly. Wiping dust off keeps your plants happy and able to soak in the most amount of sun. It also helps reduce the chances of getting pests on your plants!

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