How to Care for Guzmania (Bromeliad) Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Simple and elegant is how we like to describe the Guzmania Bromeliad. Coming in a variety of colors, Guzmania Bromeliads can be found with red, yellow, purple, white, or orange colored flowers.

Light: Guzmania Bromeliads are happiest when they get bright indirect natural light. We reccomend putting them near a window that gets a good amount of sun thorughout the year if possible. They can survive for short periods of time with minimal light, but will show signs of wear and will not thrive withhout bright indirect light. Keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid burns.

Water: Guzmania Bromeliad are unique because they have a natural vase that holds the plant water. The central stem the flower comes out of is the vase I am talking about. It is best to keep that 25% of the way full of water. Check it weekly for additional water and compleetly change the water once every month or two to avoid bacteria growth.

Temperature: Luckily for you Guzmania Bromeliad are happy in a variety of climates. If you are comfy in your home, they will be too. Try your best to avoid areas that get very hot or very cold in your home.

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