How to Care for Ivy Houseplant-Comfort Plants

We here at Comfort Plants love Ivy for its amazing ability to fill any room with green!

  • Light: Ivy plants are happiest when they recieve midium indirect sun. They can survive in low light, but will not thrive and show off their growing skills in low light. They enjoy bright light as well. They can even tolerate some direct light if you have it. Just don't put Ivy in direct storng sunlight for too long or you may see some color change.
  • Water: The 1 inch rule. Ivy can tolerate missed waterings and recover easily. They enjoy being watered well. Wait until the soil is dry 1 inch down before watering again. Ivy thrives more when you under water rather than over water.
  • Temperatures: Ivy can tolerate many different climates. We found them to be happiest when they are kept between 5-70 F.

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