Houw to Care for Pachira Braid Money Tree Houseplants-Comfort Plants

When you hear the word braids, the first thing that comes to mind is usually hair or hair-related things, no one could ever associate plants with hair, not unless they are the Pachira Braid plants. These plants are known for having slim braided trunks. 

The Pachira Braid plants are also called money plants because they are known to bring good luck, are one of the houseplants that you do not have to worry about taking care of. They are usually low maintenance and are also known to live under artificial light. These plants may be sometimes called Malabar chestnut, French peanut, Guiana chestnut, Provision tree, Saba nut, Monguba, Pumpo but they are most commonly referred to as Money tree and Money plant.

The plant got its name from the story of a man who was very down and is having a hard life, has prayed and found this plant and brought it home that has helped him make a living out of selling the seeds from the plant, hence the name Money plant was born. 

The Money tree plant has its native habitat in the Central and South American swamps. They can be grown outdoors and indoors as well. You most likely wont recognize them when they are in their natural habitat for they can grow up to 60ft tall outdoors, but when they are inside, they can grow up to the maximum height of 8ft tall. 

Having Pachira braid plants are great, they are pleasing to the eyes, they are known for bringing fortune, and they are easy to take care of, all the more to keep them in your home. To share how easy they are to grow, here are their care guides. 

1. For Sunlight

The Pachira Braid 'Money Tree' enjoys bright sun when it can get it, but if you only have low indirect it will be just fine. We make sure to rotate ours to make sure it grows evenly. We keep ours near a window that gets medium indirect light.

2. Water

Pachira Braid 'Money Tree' likes damp soil. Make sure to give them a good watering once a week if it is getting decent light. In the warmer months check your plant often and make sure the soil is staying damp. They enjoy heavy watering when possible.

3. Temperature

Just like us, the Pachira Braid 'Money Tree' can tolerate a range of temps. We have found them happiest in temps between 65-85F. We also have heard of them being happy in temps down to 55F. Lower than this and you will start to see wear on your plant. 

4. Soil

A sandy, peat-mossed soil is great for the Pachira braid plants.  They are susceptible to root rot which therefore will be needing soil that has good drainage.  

5. Fertilizer

For more healthy and prosperous growth, it’s best to feed these plants twice a week by using any liquid-based fertilizer that is diluted in half. Continuously do the feeding and only stop during the winter months. 


6. Propagating

The easiest way to propagate this plant is through branch cutting. To do this is just to simply take a branch cutting off at least six-inch with several leaves on it on then placing the end of the roots in a rooting hormone and then just simply place it a potted soil fit for Pachira braid plants. 


7. Repotting

Repotting the Pachira braid plant can be repotted every two years and while some plants are okay with being a little pot-bound, these plants are not. So even if you aren’t seeing any roots yet coming out of the pot, you may repot the plant if it has already been two years. Repotting the plant in a 2 inch bigger than the previous pot is recommended. 

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