How to Care for Palm Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Excellent air purifies and easy to care for, Palm Plants make some of the best indoor plants for plant parents all over.

  • Water: Palms like to be kept damp. They do not like being very dry, so never let them dry completely. We reccomend watering them once the top soil is dry from your last watering. In the summer months this is much more often than in the winter. When you do water them water them generously until water starts coming out form the dranage hole. 
  • Light: Palms do not like direct sunlight. They are happiest with year round indirect bright light. They can grow in meidum indirect light, but it is important it is consistant.
  • Temperatures: Palms seem to be happiest in temps between 60-75F. They can grow outside this range but may show signs of harm if exposed for too long.

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