How to Care for Peperomia Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Peperomias are AWESOME! Why? Because they come in so many different shapes and sizes and really add life to every room they are in. They also are phenominal air purifiers, so yeah, it's time to get one!

  • Light: Peperomia plants are happiest in bright indrect light. They will be happiest when put nect to a window all day. The can also grown under fluorescent light. If Peperomias do not get enough light they will stop growing. They are slow growers to begin with, so if you want growth you gotta give them light!
  • Water: Wait until half of the soil is dry throughout. They like to be dry, so this can mean a couple weeks without water. Root rot is the most common cause of death for Peperomias. We water our Peperomias from the bottom up. This way the plant only drinks what they want and you can avoid water boarding them.
  • Temperatures: Peperomia plants prefer temps between 65-85F. Anything below 60F will stop their growth and main cause irreparable damage.

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