How to Care for Pothos Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Pothos plants are popular for a reason. Being easy to care for and fun to look at they make perfect houseplants for everyone.

  • Light: Pothos grow best in indirect light. Most varieties can tolerate anywhere form low to bright indirect light. The grow more when they have more light. They do not like direct sunlight though. They will burn if they are left in direct light. 
  • Water: Pothos like moist soil, but be mindful not to over water them. We wait until the top 2" inches of soil are dry before re watering. If the leaves start turning brown we reccomend watering your Pothos plant more. If the plants start turning yellow try watering your pothos plant less. These plants are known for root rot, so we advice under watering if you are unsure. 
  • Temperatures: Pothos are happiest in climates between 60-85F. They can tolerate a little warmer or cooler, but they will be happiest in that range.

Available Pothos 

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