How to Care for Schefflera Houseplants-Comfort Plants

The Umbrella tree is a great plant characterized by having leaves that when grown will form the shape of an umbrella. They are beautiful that way and will definitely look good inside your home. This plant is a great indoor plant as it can grow big but you can also keep if you would like by pruning the top. 

The umbrella tree has the scientific name Schefflera arboricola. They belong to the Araliaceae family of the Plantae kingdom. They can actually grow up to 30 feet. It has a v-shape base that is large and ovate-shaped. Each of their leaves can grow up to 24 inches in length and 10 inches in height. The color of its leaves are usually green and shiny. 

This plant originated from the tropical rainforest and gallery rainforest of the North and Northeastern Queensland as well as the Northern Territory of Australia giving it the name Australia umbrella tree and Queensland umbrella tree.

These plants are fast-growing which means you won't have any problem with taking care of them especially if you want them to grow beautifully. They are truly elegant plants that are easy to take care of, and to prove it, here are their care guides. 

1. For Sunlight 

 Scheffleras grow best in bright indrect light. they are happy when they can get medium indirect light also. Direct light is okay for Schefflera trees, but make sure it is not super strong direct light.

2. Temperature

Schefflera houseplants are happiest in temps between 65-80F. They can tolerate a little warmer or cooler, but anything below 55F is known to cause them to stress and die.

3. Watering 

Scheffleras are great because they are easy to care for. We water them when the topsoil appears dry. It is okay if it is dry for a couple of days Scheffleras are durable plants!

4. Soil
Umbrella tree should be planted in a loose and moist potting mix. A well-draining and sandy loam soil is ideal. You should avoid placing the plant outside where the soil gets too wet.

5. Fertilizer

The Scheffleras are quite heavy feeders and may require feedings twice a week e specially during the growing season and the best type to use in them is a liquid fertilizer. 

6. Propagating 

Umbrella trees can be propagated using seeds or cuttings. The cuttings may be from a healthy leaf with a stalk or from stem cuttings. These cutting can be planted directly in soil with ½ or ⅓ of the cutting and placed under indirect sunlight. 

7. Repotting

These plants may require repotting every year. But it is still possible to slow down its growth by letting it become a little rootbound before you repot them. 

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