How to Care for Schefflera Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Schefflera's make for great house plants for plant parents that are looking for green leaves, and lots of them. Also known as a dwarf umbrella tree, Schefflera's make every home better.

  • Lighting: Scheffleras grow best in bright indrect light. they are happy when they can get meidum indirect light also. Direct light is okay for Schefflera trees, but make sure it is not super strong direct light.
  • Water: Scheffleras are great because they are easy care for. We water them when the top soil appears dry. It is okay if it is dry for a couple days Scheffleras are durable plants!
  • Temperature: Schefflera houseplants are happiest in temps between 65-80F. They can tolerate a little warmer or cooler, but anything below 55F is known to cause them to stress and die.

Available Scheffler Plants

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