How to Care for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia “ZZ” Houseplants-Comfort Plants

 ZZ Plant is probably one of the most famous houseplants that are very tough to kill. They are known for being very tolerant and are considered as one of the indestructible houseplants which makes them the perfect plants for new plant parents. They do not require too much attention and of course are very easy to care for. 

The ZZ plant with the scientific name Zamioculcas zamiifolia belongs to the family of Araceae and is a genus of a flowering species. It is normally grown by people as a decorative plant because of its very glossy appearance and also its ability to survive a couple of days not being watered.  

The ZZ plant is a tropical plant that comes from southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa. They can grow up to 45-60cm. The color of the leaves is normally evergreen but can get dried up during drought. 

This is one of the plants that are best placed in your home,  the mall, or even offices as it does not require a lot of care, as a matter of fact, many people may mistake this plant as being fake because of its glossy appearance and because it can look and stay healthy for a very long time. 

The ZZ plant care is relatively easy. And to show how really easy it is to take care of, here are their care guides to show how easy it is to take care of. 

1. For Sunlight

The ZZ plant is happiest when it gets bright indirect light, but it is also quite happy if it gets low indirect light consistently. The main thing is to make sure it does not get direct light, as it will burn the leaves and it may not be able to recover.

2. Humidity

These plants can tolerate dry air and would be just fine when placed in an area with average humidity. They aren’t that sensitive when it comes to this. Since they came from a very hot region, they don’t really need high levels of humidity. 

3. Watering

This is the favorite plant of a person with a forgetful mind because the ZZ plant enjoys less water. The leaves will yellow if overwatered. We water our plant when the soil 3" down is dry. The roots of the plant are rhizomes which simply explains why they are drought tolerant. They store water in there which that they can use for later. 

4. Soil

Since this plant is not really sensitive and does not have a lot of needs. Good and well-draining soil is fine with the plant. If you would like you can also mix some lava rocks or perlite to its soil so it can increase its aeration. 

5. Fertilizer

ZZ plants are happy and content even if they are not given any fertilizers. But if you wish, you can also give them a balanced liquid fertilizer when you are watering them. Once a month is fine but if you would prefer, you can also give these plants only half-strength fertilizer but only once or twice a year and should only be in the summertime. 

6. Propagating 

Aside from its easy care, this plant is also very easy to propagate as well. There are a couple of ways to multiply this plant. It can be from the plant’s leaf-cutting placed in a jar filled with water and let it grow roots so it can be planted. It can also just be simply placed in the soil directly and where it can grow. You can also do the same process by using the stem of the plant. 

7. Repotting

This plant is capable of growing at a very fast pace and eventually you will need to repot them. It might need repotting every 2-3 years but it actually depends on the conditions of the environment. They may also stay on the same pot for 3-4 years but then again it all depends on the environment. 

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