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Free Shipping Over $40!

About Us

Our mission is to bring people closer to nature. We truly believe that having plants in your home brings joy, fosters happiness, purifies the air and makes every space healthier to be in. Working with greenhouses in California and Florida we are able to offer a big variety of the healthiest houseplants for any taste.

Some of our plants require care that can teach you to be more nurturing and patient, while other plants can be more self sustaining and requires very little care, allowing you to watch them grow from the sideline. But we can all agree, that having a living organism in your home is truly magical and awe-inspiring when you get to see that it grows or when it gets one or two new leaves.

I was able to experience the benefits of becoming a plant parent myself, which helped me to slow-down and learn to take care of it. When I brought my first plant home I felt like I had a sense of belonging and I never felt alone at home ever again.”
Austin Co-Founder

Working to create a more sustainable world
All of our packaging is paper based and we try not to use any singe use plastic within our entire supply chain. We work to ensure we do not use any more packing materials than necessary so all our packaging has been custom formed to fit and protect your new green friend during their trip to your home. We work to connect people with nature so you can enjoy nature’s touch inside your home or office. We hope we can inspire more people to live in a sustainable green way.

Mental well-being
It’s known that being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety. Studies have shown that being around plants, whether at home or work, helps improve memory and one’s attention span by up to 20 percent and can also increase concentration.

Direct From the Greenhouse
Working with greenhouses in Southern California and Florida we are able to rapidly ship healthy and happy plants nationwide. We’ve tried and tested various methods to ensure our plants arrive happy and healthy and we believe that we have perfected the formula.

It can be quite stressful to find and pick the best plant for your home out of 100’s of options. We are working to make it easy and enjoyable. Check out our curated collections or try taking our Plant Quiz which will ensure you receive the perfect plant for your environment.

All the Guidance
We are here to help you with any and all of your plant care questions. From simple care guides included with your plant to our Facebook Community for plant care and support. Feel free to email, chat, or text us any question you have — the Comfort Plants team will be ready help! We are working to make plant care easy and of course fun.