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Coffee Plant

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Coffee Plant / Coffea Arabica

The easy-to-care-for Arabian Coffee Plant has become a popular indoor house plant that can produce white flowers and colorful cherries if grown large enough. The seeds inside the cherries are actual coffee beans, this kind of Coffee Bean makes up around 60% of the world's coffee production. Originally found and documented in Yemen around the 12th century, Coffea arabica has a truly global distribution today. As a house plant, it requires minimum maintenance and can be put outside when the weather warms up.

Sun Schedule: Bright indirect light

Pet Friendly: No, if you have a curious pet who might take a bite, it would be better to find a different plant for your house.

Size:  Small, Roughly 12" Tall in a 4" Pot.

Care Intensity: Light Care

Water Schedule: Once a week, this plant likes to stay a bit moist.

Grower Tip: Feel free to put it outside when the weather is warm and sunny. 

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