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Ficus Elastica 'Burgundy'

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    Ficus Elastica 'Burgundy' / Rubber Plant

    Native to India and Southeast Asia, the Ficus elastica 'Burgundy' is perfect for those looking for a small indoor tree with stunning dark, shiny leaves. In the wild, it grows up to around 200ft tall, and its roots are used in India to form living bridges.

    Sun Schedule: Rubber Plant do best with bright, indirect light

    Pet Friendly: No, try to keep out of reach from any nosy furry friends 

    Size:  Small, roughly 12"-16" Tall in a 4" Pot, Medium in a 6" Pot

    Care Intensity: Easy Care

    Water Schedule:  Water burgundy only when the soil starts to dry. Rubber plants are sensitive to moisture

    Grower Tip: Use a pot with a drainage hole, poor drainage can lead to various leaf problems. 

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