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Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Fiddle Leaf Fig / Ficus Lyrata

Another must have for any plant lover. The Fiddle Leaf Fig became popular because of his bright green and large leaves. If he is happy and you have the time, he can grow up to 6' Tall. A great plant for someone that wants a showstopper plant but does not want to shell out the money for a mature plant right now.

Sun Schedule: Bright indirect light

Pet Friendly: No, if you have a curious pet who might take a bite, it would be beter to find a different plant for your house.

Size:  Medium, Roughly 10" Tall in a 4" Pot. Large, Roughly 15" Tall in a 6" Pot

Care Intensity: Light Care

Water Schedule: Once every 2 weeks. Check to make sure soil is dry 2" down.

Grower Tip: Keep an eye on the color of his leaves. If he see irregular colors you may be watering him wrong.

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