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Maranta Red Prayer

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Maranta Red Prayer / Maranta Leuconeura 'Red' 

This plant gets it's name from its ability to move around during the day. Especially at night when it curls up and looks like its praying. This plant is for someone that wants a plant with a personality. The prayer plant will not grow huge, so they are great for people that do not have th space for a big growing house plant.

Sun Schedule: Bright indirect light is his favorite, but it'll be happy with medium indirect light also.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Size: Small roughly 10" Tall in a 4" Pot. Medium roughly 14" Tall in a 6" Pot

Care Intensity: Light Care

Water Schedule: Once a week, Likes to stay moist

Grower Tip: Use distilled water when watering Maranta Red Prayer. You can also use tap water but we recommend leaving it out over night before using it.

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