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Cordatum Heartleaf

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Cordatum Heartleaf / Philodendron  hederaceum

This common epyphytic houseplant is native to coastal Brazil and grows in a vinelike or climbing fashion. It wields heart-shaped leaves and is a great addition to any office or household as it is very easy to care for, requiring minimal waterings and only needing low to medium indirect sunlight.

Sun Schedule: Bright indirect is his favorite, but he'll be happy in plain indirect

Pet Friendly: No, keep out of reach from any nosy fury friends

Size:  Small, roughly 7" Tall in a 4" Pot. Medium, roughly 10" Tall in a 6" Pot

Care Intensity: Light Care

Water Schedule: Once a week

Grower Tip:  Direct light will burn the leaves, keep in indirect for best growth. 

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