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String of Bananas

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String of Bananas / Senecio Radicans

The string of bananas is a trailing succulent native to South Africa. This plant has long, loose tendrils with small and thick banana-shaped foliage that retains the plants' water. The String of Bananas is an amazing succulent for hanging pots trust US!

Sun Schedule: Bright indirect is her favorite, but she'll be happy in plain indirect.

Pet Friendly: No, keep away from any fury friends that may be tempted to take a bite. 

Size:  Mini in a 2" Pot. Small in a 4" Pot. Medium in a 6" Pot

Care Intensity: Easy Care

Water Schedule: Once every 2-3 weeks. Make sure soil is very dry before watering.

Grower Tip: This plant is amazing for hanging pots. It can grow to 36" pure stem to create beautiful scenary in your home.

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