How to Care for Calathea Plants-Comfort Plants

Calathea plants, are native to warm and humid areas around the world. They are known for their colorful and leaves full of vibrant and breathtaking patterns. 

Light: Calathea Plants njoy bright indirect light the best. They can handle a little bit of direct light, but can be burned if it is too strong. They are best when next to a window that gets a significant amount of indirect light throughout the day.Too much light will cause Calathea Plants to shed some of their color.

Water: Calathea Plants can be sensitive to a variety of water. They do not like soft or hard water, and also do not like water that has fluoride or chlorine in it. They are happiest if you can use rain water, distilled water, or let your tap water sit out for a day before watering them. We let our Calathea Plants soil dry 2" down before rewatering them.

Temperatures: Calathea Plants do best in temperatures between 65-80F. Temps below 60F will cause harm as well as temps above 80F can cause the leaves to curl and slowly die.

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