How to Care for Croton Plants-Comfort Plants

Croton plants are great! This is because they are so colorful and hardy. They can also grow to large sizes when happy. This is a win win situation for all plant parents.

Don't be afraid to get yourself a Croton Houseplant. Follow this simple guide and watch your croton thrive.

  • Light: This is one of the few houseplants that require direct sunlight, and a lot of it too! They like to be put in a window sill and get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. The more light they get the more colorful they will be.They will let you knwo if they need more sunlight by turning green.
  • Water: During the summer months Crotons require frequent waterings. Crotons prefer to have their soil stay moist. We water our Crotons as soon as the top soil shows it is dry. We also mist our leaves frequently to keep them nice and happy. the more light they ge tth emore water they will require. During the winter months, they require less water. Again wait until the top soil is dry and then give them a drink. We reccomend using a pot that has good drainage to help avoid root rot.
  • Temperatures: The Croton likes it warm and hot. But, not cold. Crotons thrive in temepatures above 65 F. If it gets below 60 F your Croton will start dying rather quickly.

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