How to Care for Cryptanthus Plants-Comfort Plants

Cryptanthus Plants are known for not growing very tall. They can grow wide, but it is not unusual for them to be less than 4" tall vertically. They are still fun plants though!

  • Lighting: Cryptanthus Plants do well in bright light. They like to be in bright indrect light as much as possible. They can withstand some direct light, but may be harmed if the direct light is too strong. We have found that the brighter the light they get, the more colorful their leaves will be.
  • Water: Cryptanthus Plants are easy going and that's why we love them! Forget a water or two, no worries! They will bounce right from a little draught. They like to be dry before each watering. A general rule of thumb is checking the soil before watering. We like to wait until the soil is dry 2" down before re watering. 
  • Temperature: Cryptanthus Plants prefer to be in climates between 65-85 F. They are quite hardy and can withstand a lot. Temperatures outside this range can cause harm to them, so keep them away from any cold or hot drafts you may have in your home.
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