How to Care for Dracaena Plants-Comfort Plants

Ah the classic Dracaenas. There are so many great variations of this tried and true plant parents friend. The are easy to maintain, given their low light needs and also not requriing too much watering. 

Let's turn that thumb green!

  • Lighting: Dracaenas do not need too much light. They do not like direct light and will quickly burn if so. They are happiest in indirect light whether it be low or bright, as long as it is indirect they will be good.
  • Water: Like most houseplants it is better to keep Dracaenas dry rathe than wet. We like to mist our Dracaenas occasionally and water them only once the soil is dry an inch down. If the leaves become droopy it is a sun you have over watered them or that their pot is not draining well.
  • Temperature: Dracaenas are happiest in temperatures rangning anywhere from 65-80 f. They are okay if the temperature fluctuates between that range but will be happiest with consistant temps in that range. 

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