How to Care for Fern Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Ferns can sometimes be tricky to care for, but following this simple care guide should make it a walk in the park.

  • Light: Ferns naturally grow in in the shade, but they still need some light. Comfort Plants reccomends you put them by a window that gets morning sun or afternoon sun. The do not like strong snlight, so indirect light is best. Direct sunlight can make them lose leaves and slowly turn yellow. We reccomend a few hours of weak direct or medium indirect light a day for the happiest ferns. If need be you can use a grow light, make sure to get a gardening bulb or a flourescent strip light for doing so. A regularly bulb can harm them with the heat it produces.
  • Water: Ferns like to be watered regularly and to have moist soil. Ferns like it the most when you water the very middle of the soil where their stems pop out of the soil. Ferns do not like it if you let the soil dry completely between waterings. Given ferns can become bushy, we reccomend getting a High Quality watering can like the one linked, with a long spout to reach the center of the plant. Give the fern a good drink until the water starts coming out the bottom of the pot. 
  • Temperatures: Like all plants, the exact temperature will depend on the ferns origin. But in general ferns do not like to be cold. Ferns from tropical regions do best in 60-70 F climates. Ferns from colder regions can be just fine in 50-60 F climates. Each fern will be slightly different. But overall these are what Comfort Plants believe to be true.

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