How to Care for Hoya Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Also known as the wax plant. Hoyas make great house plants. They are native to warm asian climates so of course, they like to be kept warm. Scared about keeping them happy? Don't be. Follow this simple Hoya care guide and turn that thumb green!

  • Light: The birghter the light the better. The more light they get, the more growth you willl see. They can handle direct light, so if you have a window that recieves direct light, then you just found your Hoyas home. They can still live in lower light, but they will not bloom often or ever for that matter. They will stay in stead a green leafy plant.
  • Water: Hoyas are great, because they do not need much water. Water them and forget them. They require more water when they are blooming and the weather is hot out. But in winter, you can water them like you would a succulent. Infrequent and make sure the soil is dry before every watering. The most common death for Hoyas is over watering. 
  • Temperature: If you are comfortable in your home, they will be too. They are easy going, but we have found they thrive best in temperatures between 60-80 F.

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