How to Care for Maranta Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Known for it's colors and vibe setting. The Maranta Prayer Plant is a favorite among many plant parents.

  • Light: Maranta Prayer Plants do not like direct sunlight, they with show you they are unhappy by fading in color. In the winter they are known for their doormancy and someitmes dying, so the key is to keep them in nice birght indirect light to keep them going!
  • Water: Water frequently when your Maranta plant is gettng consistant light and is growing, Aka summer months. We like giving them frequent waterings, but avoid over watering as they are susceptable to root rot. When water we reccomend you use a watering can with a long spout to make sur eyou do not get the leaves wet.
  • Temperatures: Maranta Prayer Plants are happy in temperatures between 65-80F. They are not divas, but they do need to be treated right to see them thrive.

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