How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa, Swiss Cheese Plant-Comfort Plants

How to Care for a Monstera Deliciosa also known as a (Philodendron Split Leaf, or Swiss Cheese, or any other name you've heard for them).

Monsteras are one of the staple house plants. Everyone plant mama house at least one, to be honest they definitely own more than one! And for good reason, they are BEAUTIFUL and easy to care for. Plus they grow big and can end up being a show stopper in any room. 

  • Light: The Monstera prefers, indirect sunlight in temperatures that remain consistently between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the Monstera gets too much direct light the leaves will start showing signs of burn. Saying this, it is still good to give them some direct sunlight inside or out to improve new growth. Just make sure you do not give them too much. 
  • Water: During the sunny months where you live, the Monstera will require more water. It is always necessary to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. The soil dries out quicker in the sunny warm months.

During the cold months only water occasionally when you are sure the soil is ncie and dry throughout. Monsteras love wet air, so misting them will only make them more happy :)

It is important to keep your Monsteras Clean, just like people, pests love Monsteras. So the best way to prevent pests is to wipe the Monstera's leaves clean regularly. Reducing dust and dirt buildup is a great way to prevent pests. 

Monstera Deliciosa (Philodendron Split Leaf) make some of the best house plants in the world. Be sure to get one for yourself when you are building your urban jungle.


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