How to care for Nematanthus Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Nematanthus plants are fun and active. When happy and supported they have been known to grow to lengths of 15 feet!

  • Water: Like most plans the Nematanthus needs more water in the warm growing months. We found from April to September we kep the Nematanthus moist throughout. Watering between once and twice a week for optimal growth. In the winter we water our Nematanthus plants only once or twice a month. The key is to look at the leaves, once they start shriveling, they are showing that they want some water.
  • Light: Nematanthus plants love the sun. We have found their optimal light is bright window that receives sun year round. They can also be grown in indrect bright light if you have it!
  • Temperatures: The Nematanthus are hardy, so just don't leave them in aplace that gets below 50F at night. Besides that they should be happy!

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