How to Care for Scilla Houseplants-Comfort Plants

Fun and not too difficult to care for, Scilla Plants make a great addition to any home.

  • Lighting: Scillas like direct sunlight, and a lot of it. We give our Scillas plants 3-4 hours a day of direct sunlight, and have found this to be the sweet spot. 
  • Water: In the summer when they are getting the most light, we water them once the soil is dry half an inch down. In the cooler month we water them significantly less. In the cooler months try water them enough so the soil does not turn completely dry. 
  • Temperature: In the Summer Months keep them at room temperature, that is no issue. But in the cooler months thet are one of the few houseplants that can tolerate some cold air. We have seen them happy between 50-59F.


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