How to Care for Spider Plants (Houseplant)-Comfort Plants

Known for the ease of care, Spider plants can grow in a wide variety of climaate and provide smiles for plant parents all over. The Spider plant is known for having very few issues. The Name was given to this house plant, because it will create spiderettes, which hang on the main plant in the middle of the leaves.

  • Lighting: The Spider Plant enjoys some nice bright indirect light. They can do well in consistant low indirect light as well, but the most color and variegation will come when the spider plant has more sun. If you put the spide rplant in storng diretc light the leaves will burn.
  • Water: When watering the spider plant, give the leaves and the soil a healthy drink. The roots of the spider plant hold water for a long time, so wait between watering of the spider plant. Of course water it more when it is getting more light, and vice versa with low light. Since the roots hold a lot of water it can be easy to get root rot if you over water them. So keep them in mind before watering them again.
  • Temperature: Spider plants are easy going. They will be happiest in temps between 70-90F. They can grow in cooler temps if possible, but the healthies plants seem to be grown in this temp range.
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