How to Care for Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium) Houseplants-Comfort Plants

The Arrowhead plant is one of the plants that can really make any part of the house come to life and look lovely. Its arrow-shaped leaves make it unique and attractive. The arrowhead plant is a trailing or climbing plant that grows very quickly. Its growth actually depends on how you train them to grow.  

Syngonium podophyllum is the scientific name for this plant. The Arrowhead plant is commonly grown as a houseplant because of its appearance. They belong to the Araceae family of the Plantae Kingdom. It is usually only referred to as simply Syngonium which is the term used to refer to the same plant but also has other names like arrowhead vine, Arrowhead philodendron, and Goosefoot. They can grow up to 3-6ft tall and 1-2ft wide.  

The Arrowhead plant came from the region of Latin America from Mexico to Bolivia. This plant is commonly mistaken for the same-looking plant which is the African genus, Nephtytis. This plant got its name from the fact that its leaves is similar to the shape of an arrow. 

This plant, as mentioned above can be trailing or climbing plants, if you want it to grow as a climbing plant, it will need some support or something to climb onto. If you want it as a hanging plant, you can just simply place them in hanging baskets and watch them grow and trail down. Since this plant is known for being a fast grower, it can also be used as groundcovers to cover up unwanted ground spaces. 

Some people may find this plant hard to take care of while some find them as a low-maintenance plant.  It will be easy once you have this Arrowhead plant care guide. 

1. For Sunlight 

Arrowhead plants enjoy bright indirect light, so it is important to keep them by a window. If they do not receive strong enough light they will become weak and leggy.

2. Humidity/Temperature

We have found that Arrowhead plants grow best in temps between 60-75F. They can grow in a wider range but to keep them the happiest this temp range is best.

3. Watering

Let the soil and plant dry out before each watering. Do not let them dry like a cactus, but the Arrowhead enjoys being dry before being rewatered. It is important to give the Arrowhead a humid environment. So misting your plants daily or putting its container on a tray with pebbles works also. The best would be to get a humidifier.

4. Soil 

Consider a well-draining soil-potting for this arrowhead plant. This plant is susceptible to root rot so, it’s good to place them in a pot with drainage holes, where excess water can drain. A terracotta pot is recommended pot for this plant to remove excess moisture. 

5. Fertilizer

It is okay to feed your arrowhead plant some liquid and fertilizer once a month to improve its growth and make it more healthy. The best time to do this is during spring, summer, and fall time. best to lay off during winter since this is the time where this plant gets slower to grow. 

6. Propagating 

Arrowhead plants are propagated through stem cuttings. Preferrable one with a node and is 6-12 inches long. The cuttings can be placed directly in moist soil till it roots or in water and just wait for the roots to get mature before planting 

7. Repotting

The arrowhead plants are fast-growing plants and therefore may require repotting when it has reached the growth of the vine you want. If you want your arrowhead plant to grow larger, you may want to repot it yearly. This is also helpful to ensure that the plant does not become root-bound. 

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