How to Care for Yucca Plant (Houseplants)-Comfort Plants

Yucca plants are also one of those houseplants that a home should definitely have. It gives off the vibe of the outside environment. In simple terms, you bring the outside, inside your home. They are also very easy to care for and are considered one of the toughest plants for it rarely needs maintenance to survive. Some of them can go for long periods with no one taking care of them, making them the best plant for people who are not always in their home. 

Some Yucca plants are considered fast growers while others grow really slow. Some of them can grow from 2 to 4ft tall and wide while others can grow 30ft tall and 25ft wide. It may take 2 to 5 years for these plants to mature but then again for the slow growers,, it can be 5 years or more.  

Yucca belongs to the Asparagaceae family of the Plantae kingdom. They are native to the dry areas of America and the Carribean and as of now they can adapt to a wide variety of climates. They are also considered drought tolerant plants with 40-50 species that have thick, waxy skin that prevent the loss of water through evaporation.

The Yucca plant is easy to take care of, especially when they are indoors and placed in an area that gets bright indirect sunlight, although they can still be fine under direct sunlight only thing is that they get brown tips and edges when placed there.

Yucca plants are fun for their exotic look and ability to grow very large when happy and to prove that they are easy to care for, in reference to what I mentioned above, here are their care guides. 

1. For Sunlight

Yucca plants are happiest in bright indrect light. We keep ours near an east facing window and it seems to make the Yucca plant very happy.

2. Watering

Wait until half the osil is dry before rewatering the Yucca plant originates form the desert, so it likes to be very dry before waterings. The only way we know how to kill a Yucca is by overwatering it.

3. Temperature

A yucca can grow in temps as low as 35F and as high as 90F as long as it's given time to adapt.

4. Soil

Yucca plants are not very particular with the type of soil you plant them in. You can plant them in any soil that you want as long as it should be able to hold them properly and be well-draining to avoid root rot.

5. Fertilizer

Even though these type of plants almost does not need care, giving them a little fertilizer during the summertime can be a great help for a more established plant.

6. Propagating

The easiest way to propagate Yucca plants is through stem cutting. You can just simply make a clean cut in the stem of the plant at least 4 inches then place in a fresh pot of soil. They do have the tendency to have root rot when the soil where they are placed in a soil that is always moist. 

7. Repotting

As I have always mentioned, Yuccas can withstand neglect and therefore can withstand being root bound. They won't be needing repotting for 2-3 years but when they do, be sure that the pot is larger than the previous one and that you use fresh potting soil. 

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