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Free Shipping Over $40!
Free Shipping Over $40!


Here at Comfort Plants, our mission is to bring people closer to nature. We truly believe that having plants in your home brings joy, fosters happiness, purifies the air and makes every space healthier to be in.  Our affiliates are an important piece in helping with our mission! Want to know more? Keep on reading.

How it works

Comfort Plants affiliates earn 10% commission on all sales.

Our affiliate program is managed through Share-a-sale, which makes it easy to access your reporting, payments, and other info.

Who our affiliates are

Got a social media platform focusing on home decor, lifestyle, healthy well-being? Are you interested in decorating your own home with houseplants? Do you have an engaged audience based in United States? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Our perks

  • Competitive commission
  • Free houseplants! 
  • Early access to new plant drops and accessories
  • Exclusive incentives (we will help to grow your account using influencer whitelisting paid ads on Instagram and Facebook)


We’re a small company and work closely with our affiliate partners to ensure a great fit. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions: We trust our affiliates to know their audiences and promote however they like to meet the goal!   

How to join

Think you’d be a good fit? Register as an affiliate on and search for Comfort Plants, ID# 125148.