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Pothos Silver Splash

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Pothos Silver Splash / Scindapsus Pictus

Not technically a Pothos, but we wont tell anyone! Holding it under a light, the silver on some leaves appear to shimmer and take on a satin look. Scindapsus pictus is a slower growing vine that is a member of the Araceae family and native to Thailand and the Philippines. Not as common of a houseplant as Pothos, but it does well in normal household environments but will appreciate higher humidity. This species features rounded-heart-shaped leaves that curve to one side at the tip. In time, it can easily grow to lengths of several feet long. For best color, keep in bright, indirect light but it will also do well in shady areas.

Sun Schedule: Medium to bright indirect light

Pet Friendly: No, if you have a curious pet who might take a bite, it would be beter to find a different plant for your house.

Size:  Small, roughly 8" Tall in a 4" Pot. Medium, roughly 14" Tall in a 6" Pot

Care Intensity: Light Care

Water Schedule: Once a week, when soily is mostly dry about 2" down.

Grower Tip: He will tell you he needs more water when his leaves tart drooping and curling. If you see brown spots it means he  wants more light.

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