How to Care for Chinese Evergreen Plants-Comfort Plants

Chinese Evergreen Plants are simple and easy to care for. Follow this simple guide and watch that thumb turn green!

Light: Chinese Evergreens enjoy indirect light. They can tolerate anywhere between low-bright indrect as long as it is consistant. Avoid direct light or the leaves will burn and probably fall off. The darker the leaves on your plant are the more likely they will be good in low light environments. 

Water: Chinese Evergreens like many houseplants are better when they are dry compared to wet. We water them generously and then wait until the soil is dry 2" down before watering again. The lower the light source they receieve the less frequent they need to be watered. As all houseplants, make sure the pot they are in has good drainage hols to help avoid root rot.

Temperatures: Chinese Evergreens do best in temperatures above 65 F. They thrive between 65-80 F. Temps below 60F will cause harm and maybe deather to a Chinese Evergreen.

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